Sunday, January 20, 2008

Tomatoes are seeded

Yesterday we planted the following types of tomatoes for this years garden.
10 Marglobe
4 Jubilee
4 Jumbo Climbin
3 SuperSweet Cherry
3 Tumbler
2 Husky Cherry
10 Roma
8 Marzano
We are starting these as seeds in resused egg cartons with 4 seeds in each egg section, since some of our seeds are as old as 4 years. Hopefully in a month, we will be transplanting these resued yogurt containers and planters from last year. Half of the Romas and Marzanos are for canning that will hopefully last us through next Winter.

Temp this weekend was hovering around 0F for the highs with -10-15F lows. We are realizing quickly that we need to do redo our house in very major way regarding energy efficiency, so as soon as we can survive without the heat (~3/1-15) we will start tearing the walls down, so we can insulate them better, if they are at all and do them right. For now, we try and keep our gas usage down and stay warm.
The Quinces

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