Friday, December 14, 2007

Welcome to the homestead

The is the blog that will detail the adventures of our family as we try and achieve the following goals:
1. Become more self-sufficient and sustainable
2. More energy independent and utilize more renewable sources of energy
3. Reduce our carbon impact on the Earth
4. Stay healthy and keep Mother Earth happy and Healthy

One of the main inspirations for this is Path to Freedom. They are a small urban family in Pasadena that grows over 3 tons of food annually!

We live on a small urban lot in NW Minneapolis that is a stones throw from one of the cities best parks where we spend alot of time hiking, swimming, and paddling.'

We bought the house in June of 06 and have dome some minor changes to it, such as putting in a small garden where we grew tomatoes, peppers, and some other various vegetables. We also
tore out the old concrete patio and path and are replacing it with a paver patio that is made from recycled paver stones that were once part of Minneapolis's old cobblestone streets!

08 is the year we are taking the huge plunge in the conversion to sustainability! We are increasing the size of our garden and are including a much larger variety of veggies like corn, peas, lettuce, tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, chard, etc. We hope to live of this all year by canning, etc.

I continue to bike commute around 100 miles a week to work in Hopkins and yes, that includes the Winter! I tend to document that over at my other blog. This year, I am going to hit almost 3000 miles and next I am hoping for 5000.

More coming later including pics of the house, the family, and other things.
The Quinces

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